Our Services:

Asbestos/Lead Abatement:

Bowen provides the necessary asbestos/lead abatement prior to any remodel, demolition or industrial plant operation as required by local, state and federal regutaions. Our ability to perform these services with our forces enables our clients to contract with one contractor while eliminating the need to seek multiple service providers and reduce any possible liabilities that may arise during any project.

Interior/Selective Demolition:

Bowen provides complete interior and selective demolition of all types of structures including retail, educational, historic, industrial and residential.
From removing walls and finishes to removing complete roof structures, we have the means and experience to transform and outdated structure into a modernized facililty.

Equipment Rental:
  • Excavators: From 1.5 tons to 70 tons equipped with thumbs, breakers, rotating shears, pulverizers, grapples and high capacity excavating buckets.
  • Crawler Loaders: CAT 973C equipped with multi-purpose and demolition buckets.
  • Rubber Tired Loaders: 5.5 yard General Purpose Bucket
  • Skid Steer Loaders: Equipped with grapples, breakers, shears and compactors.
  • Demolition Crane: 70 ton crane with 140' boom equipped with wrecking ball or clamshell
  • Trucking: Truck tractors equipped with high capacity demolition trailers or rock trailers or 50 ton low-bed
  • 40 ton 6x6 Articulated Off-Road Truck
  • Impactor 2000 Concrete Breaker (Impact Roller)

Concrete Cutting/Drilling
Underground Storage Tank Removal
Contaminated Soil Remediation
Concrete, Asphalt & Rock Crushing
Plant Dismantling